Festival Village

Fri 23 March 2018: 4pm to 8pm
Sat 24 and Sun 25 March 2018: 11am to 9.30pm
OCBC Square

Expect fun, inspiration and perspective-changing experiences! Admission and all activities are free of charge.


Fri 23 – Sun 25 March 2018
Various Times

Azariah Tan, SINGAPORE
Caliph Buskers, MALAYSIA
Eijin Nimura, JAPAN
Jane Constance, MAURITIUS
Kazuyo Morita & Natsumi Sadayuki, JAPAN
The Purple Symphony Ensemble, SINGAPORE
Srisangwan Chiangmai School Wheelchair Dance Troupe, THAILAND


Dig Deep : Ever tip-toed around conversation with a Person with Disability, worried about saying the wrong thing? Or given an unnecessary compliment because you were trying to be nice? This is your opportunity to probe and Dig Deep with us, to understand Disability beyond the surface. No overly polite words, just honest and real perspectives from individuals living with disabilities who want to hear from you and be heard.

Paralympic Sports Try-outs: What do you think about playing a sport from a wheelchair or with a blindfold? Give it a go to understand the skill required. Presented by SportSG and Sport Cares.

HWA: Check out the retrofitted car to discover the ways in which those with physical disabilities can retain the freedom they’ve always enjoyed from driving.

Through Deaf Eyes: Here’s where you will get to experience the Deaf World in which you can try going about everyday activities without being able to hear, and learn more about Deaf culture. Presented by Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf).

Dialogue in the Dark: Singapore (DiDsg) puts visitors in everyday situations – except in complete darkness. A unique learning opportunity for visitors of all ages. Simple things suddenly become extraordinary challenges and will get you thinking about prejudices and stereotypes – you’ll ‘learn to see’ in a whole new way! Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) Masseurs, musicians and insights into the experience of being visually impaired.

Assistive Technology Showcase Presented by SPD: This is the place to see examples of technology that’s used to empower those with disabilities to perform daily and work-related tasks. Disabled People’s Association Bring yourself up to speed about disability, find out about less visible forms such as dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ‘Spin the Wheel’ to guess the accessibility symbol.

I’m Soul Inc: This social enterprise uses music technology to harness the therapeutic power of music. Its use of music technologies and programmes enables everyone to make music, no musical background required. You can make music, and control pitch and sounds just by making small movements with your hands, head, body.

Other organisations participating: APSN Chaoyang, APSN Tanglin, TOUCH Community Services, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, Extraordinary People, Sivantos Pte Ltd


Sat 24 – Sun 25 March 2018
SportsSG Auditorium
Free admission with advance registration at: http://bit.ly/doublebillnsavst

I forgot to remember to forget

Discover the magic of inclusive theatre at this double bill: “I Forgot to Remember to Forget”, the world premiere by No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability from Australia; and “My Home is not a Shell”, a first-time international collaboration between Singapore’s Very Special Theatrics and No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability from Australia.

My home is not a shell


True Colours We Care Film Fest
Fri 23 March 2018: 4 to 8pm
Sat 24 March 2018: 3.30pm to 9pm
Sun 25 March 2018: 11am to 9.30pm

Catch a different perspective with some powerful and insightful short films about disability from around the world. Organised in partnership with We Care Film Fest, which aims to remove the myths, misconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes about disabled and disability in society through the medium of films.

Feet in the Sand: The story of a boy in a wheelchair, his parents and some onlookers at a beach setting in which everyone seems to be immersed in their own worlds. The surprise in the story comes when these worlds collide.

Departure Lounge: A celebration of the friendship and deaf solidarity that develops between Sid, an older hospital patient, and Matt, a young hospital cleaner.

Elsewhere: Simone wants to fly away alone but he brings us along. He wants to bring us to a distant place. Multiple award-winning Elsewhere is about a trip beyond boundaries, beyond Italy and beyond the boundaries drawn by the word “Down’s Syndrome”.


True Colours VSA Art Exhibition 2018
Fri 23 March 2018: 4pm to 8pm
Sat 24 & Sun 25 March 2018: 11.30am to 8pm
OCBC Square Visitor Centre

This exhibit will showcase photographic works, paintings in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media by 37 visual artists with disabilities. All artworks on display are being sold to support their artistic careers and livelihoods.

Please note:

  • Measures have been taken to ensure that the sound levels and lights are as sensory-friendly as possible
  • There will be SgSL interpretation at the outdoor stage
  • Pathways are wide to enable wheelchair-friendly movement
  • Air-coolers will be present in the sheltered areas
  • Calming room and special needs room will be available
  • Onsite first aid and medical assistance areas
  • Accessible (wheelchair-friendly) porta-loos will be available onsite
  • Clear signage for easy navigation
  • Public-facing festival volunteers (bright blue T-shirts) and crew (black T-shirts) are trained in disability awareness and will be able to assist as needed