Yusuke Anazawa

Yusuke Anazawa

This violinist, violist, composer and accomplished speaker is a personification of grit.

Born in Chiba in 1975 with heart issues and deteriorating eyesight – he nearly lost his vision completely when he was in high school – Yusuke was determined to be a musician. Attending the Tsukuba University high school for the blind, he majored in music. After graduation, he embarked on a career as a performer and released his first album at 24. Today, he has a total of 17 albums to his name.

Yusuke is also a composer, with two of his works being used as theme songs on the national NHK Radio and on TV. Other notable achievements include winning the Grand Prix in 2010 at the 7th Gold Concert, an international music contest for the disabled in Japan.

As a speaker, Yusuke delivers over 30 lectures in a year, relating his experiences, and life’s challenges and journey.

Watch Yusuke perform a piece on the violin.