Srisangwan Chiangmai School Wheelchair Dance Troupe

Srisangwan Chiangmai School Wheelchair Dance Troupe

Inspired after watching the Cheerleaders Championship in Thailand, students from the Srisangwan Chiangmai School started their very own wheelchair dance troupe.

The six founding members started from scratch – they learned the rotation of the wheels at their first practice. Then they learnt how to match movements to music before incorporating breakdance moves into their repertoire. Soon, they became a force to be reckoned with. The team debuted their dancing – set to catchy hip-hop tunes – at a local school dance competition, where they competed against able-bodied kids and won gold.

In August 2014, the group entered the wildly popular TV show, Thailand’s Got Talent, with their dance set to Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What”. Again, they won and this time the grand prize was 10 million baht!

“This was a good lesson for Thailand and for the students,” their teacher said in an interview with Citylife Chiang Mai. “It wasn’t just about people feeling sorry for them. They had real skill. Enough skill to compete against people with legs… and win.”

Now, three members of the team have graduated but are still actively involved, and the group also has a new addition. The group looks forward to developing the wheelchair dance initiative further, and hope to empower and inspire the younger generation.

Watch the team’s amazing Thailand’s Got Talent performance.

Source: Unseen Survivors Living with Disabilities in Thailand