How do you define deafness? How do you redefine hearing?

Well, Redeafination is doing it their way – formed in 2008, the independent hip hop dance club promotes deaf awareness, and nurtures and develops performing art talents within the deaf community. The majority of members are deaf.

True to its name – a marriage of the words “redefine”, “deaf” and “nation” – the group aspires to grow a tribe of dancers with their own unique culture. A culture without stereotypes and misconceptions, especially that those who are deaf may not be able to appreciate music nor dance. The 19-member group, which comprises 15 deaf dancers and four hearing dancers, have wow-ed audiences at festivals worldwide, including in Norway, France, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and of course, Singapore.

Still, many questions remain: How can they keep in-step with each other, and with the rhythm of the music? How can they enjoy themselves if they can’t hear the music? How are they able to choreograph their hip-hop moves well?

The answer: watch them in action – and learn.

Learn more about Redeafination at their website.