When the bboys of ILL-Abilities spin, slide, hop and windmill on stage, they are a sight to behold.

Made up of Redouan “Redo” Ait Chitt (Netherlands), Sergio “Checho” Carvajal (Chile), Jacob “Kujo” Lyons (USA), Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli (Canada)*, Samuel Henrique “Samuka” da Silveira Lima (Brazil), Tommy “Guns” Ly (USA), Jung Soo “Krops” Lee (South Korea) and Lucas “Perninha” Machado (Brazil), the 10-year-old dance crew have competed and performed at various international venues. Standing among the best street dancers in the world, The “ill” in ILL-ABILITIES™ does not refer to “sick” or “unwell” but rather to incredible, amazing, intricate, talent. Rather than seeing the negative limitations of “disability”, this crew focuses on their positive, or “ill”, abilities a living testament to their message: “No Excuses, No Limits!”

With their entertaining, awe-inspiring moves and power to motivate, ILL-Abilities is inspiring audiences the world over.

Catch ILL-Abilities in action in this video.