BOTAN is formed of seven dancers with disabilities who got selected at the audition by The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS and DAZZLE. They named the team BOTAN, which in English means the Peony flowers, implies several meanings. Firstly, it is their aesthetic feelings expressed through the attitude of the peony flowers when the petals overlap each other and being unified as one body. The second message is referred from the meaning of peony flower which is the “beauty in all forms.” Lastly, it is a pun on a word, that “botan” also means a “button” that opens a pathway to a new world.

True to its guiding motto, award-winning dance company Dazzle is at once contemporary and traditional; street and classic.

Dancers of the troupe express their artistic creativity and interpret what they see and experience of the world via in their own unique style that sees them collaborating with performers with physical and mental disabilities. Inspired by Japanese culture, movies, video games and manga, stories are told not only through dance, but also with text and narration.

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